Taylor Maccarone


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You Will:

You will make it to the places you thought you could only dream about. You will find yourself, your chosen family, self-love and unconditional love. Your empathy is not a weakness. You will find that sense of community you are yearning for.

You Are:

You are a good person, someone who's dedicated their life to helping people. You are going to put so much back into the community that gave you love when you needed it most.

Taylor’s Experience Growing Up as LBGTQI2S:

“From a young age, I struggled a lot with depression, isolation, and loneliness. I spent a large portion of my childhood and teenage years yearning for a sense of identity and community. I began to come to terms with myself when I got to university. I started volunteering at a sexual health centre and allowed myself to blossom. Through being surrounded by open-minded queer folks I learned that it was okay to be who I was, and develop a chosen family that helped to support me in understanding my gender identity. My time at the sexual health centre allowed me to give and receive peer support that would spark my passion for advocating and supporting my fellow queer community. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the positive impact of open-minded folks in social services. That’s why I now work in social services myself, focusing on harm reduction, peer support and inclusive practices in hopes to provide that queer-peer mentorship that accelerated my path of self-acceptance. I just want to give to the queer community the love it gave to me!”

What will you tell your younger self?


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