Ranjith Kulatilake

He/Him and They/Them

Ranjith Kulatilake

You Will:

You will continue to advocate for My People - LGBTQ+ newcomers who make me a better person every day! My lived experiences of homophobia, trauma and displacement have made me stronger. I join the Friends of Ruby with the aim of striving for a just world. Oh, did I say that I just turned 30+, wink, wink!

You Are:

You are a racialized gay man living in Tkaronto, the Treaty 13 land. The meaning of my name, Ranjith, is 'guardian of gold'. As a service provider, I have been for more than a decade a proud guardian and an enabler of thousand golden LGBTQ+ newcomers to thrive. We have shown the power of the Rainbow, together!

What will you tell your younger self?


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