Nikita Ylanan

She/Her and They/Them


You Will:

You will make people smile, laugh, and cry with just a touch, a gesture, and a simple act of kindness.

Through work you will help people get in touch with their loved ones and make them feel they are near no matter how far the distance.

You Are:

You are a person who has so much to give: kindness, love, and your faith in others makes you who you are. No matter how much you give to people, never count what they can give back to you.

About Nikita:

“I moved to Canada when I was 19, and it has been a crazy 17 years of change. I work in customer service and I take pride in making people’s day no matter how big or small my acts are. I identity as Trans and at this point in life I am as resilient as bamboo and I know my place is this world.”

What will you tell your younger self?


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