Jack Jackson

They/Them or He/Him

Jack Jackson

You Will:

You will move countries, find 'home', work for yourself in a job that you love and feel comfortable in your skin.

You Are:

You are going to be happier than you ever thought you could be. Never ever give up. Work hard for what you believe in, and find something that you are passionate about.

Originally from a very small conservative island, Jack escaped their old life of finance and heteronormativity in 2012 with an unplanned move to Toronto having met a Canadian whilst travelling. During a forced period of being unable to work whilst awaiting documentation, Jack found photography and began studying what surrounded them – dogs, fashion and the queer and trans community. Jack founded alljackedup and the Ties to Love™ Campaign in 2014 and received support from the wider trans community, Canadian band Walk Off the Earth, and the Mayor of Toronto, John Tory. Just as their work was gaining traction, Jack’s wife’s family found out about their transition and the rejection and divorce was immediate. Jack found themselves with no secure income, little in the way of a support network and fearing homelessness.

Life became a living hell for over a year. One of Jack’s closest friends gave them the number of a boxer puppy advertisement and told them to call it like their life depended on it. It did, and they did. Jet Jackson bounced into Jack’s life in February 2017 and slowly life got back on track. Jack founded Doggy Dates – a dog walking and photography company in the fall of 2017.

Jack Jackson sitting with a dog through a bicycle post
Jack Jackson sitting with a dog through a bicycle post

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