Chris Fee

They/Them, He/Him, She/Her


You Will:

You will find your place in this world of boundaries. It will be outside of those boundaries, but it will be a beautiful and colourful life. You will find your way out of the boxes you have been put in by society.

You Are:

You are already more than enough, and shine far more brightly than you know. You are loved by a whole community of people who are just like you, but in such a beautiful and diverse way. You are amazing.

Chris’ Experience Growing Up as LBGTQI2S:

“Growing up and getting made fun of and policed for my gender expression was difficult and forced me into boxes I don’t believe I ever would have chosen for myself if I weren’t worried about my safety. I have always strived to live authentically, but messages about the duality of gender are abundant and persuasive. I am very proud to reject any notion of two options. Humans are vibrant and complex, and you are part of that mosaic. I am still fighting to been seen at times for who I am, even within my family, but I know that I am strong and who I am is unaffected by opinions anymore. I am non binary and I am not going anywhere or changing for anyone anymore.”

What will you tell your younger self?


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